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Thursday, June 25, 2015

Hi All you plop bloggers...

Here are my notes after interviewing students who came to MGI about the PLP:

  • There were three kids, two girls from the same school who had not piloted a PLP, but did work on eportfolios.  On this, they had a personal interest page.  There was one boy who had worked on the pilot plp.
  • None of them experienced a "hook in," and they thought this is a good idea, however, keep it short, and don't repeat.
  • The boy felt that his experience was extremely boring, repetitive, and useless.  He did a lot of worksheets and said students knew (or felt) that no one read the work, and they stared to just put down anything.
  • He said it was very disorganized.
  • The school never followed through with anything written down on the sheets.
  • The girls enjoyed completing their personal pages; however - the pages were structured this way - a table which had a place for a personal artifact and a place to write about why this artifact was important.  They liked the idea at first, but then wanted more freedom and less structure on the pages.
  • Some things that they added -- a photo of the girl's flute, the other girl put up a picture of herself skiing.
  • The boy couldn't wait to get home to work on learning about writing screen plays and make movies.  I found this very sad.  What a lost opportunity!
  • The girls felt that goals were good -- and that they should live also live in academic settings, such as LA.
  • Their suggestions are as follows:  give students more options, different learning projects, more freedom about how they learn -- for example, kinaesthetic learning.  Also they wanted some of the learning should be connected with people in the community.  
  • The girls loved a project in LA when they could write their own children's book and illustrate it any way that they wanted.  Then the class read them to the younger grades.  They received thank you cards from the kids, and they loved this.   

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