Friday, June 26, 2015

Bold= mandatory dates

CBMS students arrive August 25th

First week in Sept: week long intro to PLP, get to know you’s, mission statement, informal goal setting modeling

September 10th-Oct 9: activities, bio, mindset discussion, who am I? exploration, personalize  PLP template online. Students pick a passion to explore.

Oct 9th- set personal goal for students’ passion based on transferable skills (as identified by WWSU PLP template) and have something to share by Nov. 25th

November 11th- in AG, students prepare and present for their student led conferences the “who am I?” section and one personal goal related to passion. Evidence shared.

PLP suggested celebration of AG’s work toward goals

November 25th- PLP introduction to parents with student led conferences in which students present the “who am I?” and evolving work toward goal surrounding a passion.

November 30th-PLP update mandated by law (will be a work in progress)

December 1st ----? Set two academic goals based on transferable skills
Staff/student voice feedback on how it is going so far what are theneeds moving forward?

December 8th- PLP group meet to re-evaluate and set timeline until spring conferences

February 1st-Staff/PLP group determine the elements of the final student led conference

Early March/Late February-students practice presentations in AG

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